Size Guide Ear Illustration

Placement Inner Diameter Placement Post Length
Standard lobe 8mm+ Standard lobe 6mm - 7mm
2nd lobe 6mm - 7mm 2nd lobe 5mm - 6.5mm
Upper lobe 5mm - 6.5mm Upper lobe 5mm - 6.5mm
Helix 6mm - 8mm Helix 5mm - 6.5mm
Tragus 5mm - 6mm Tragus 5mm - 6.5mm
Conch 11mm Conch 5mm - 6.5mm
Rook 5.5mm - 7mm Rook 6mm - 8mm
Daith 8mm Foward helix 5mm - 6.5mm
Forward helix 5mm

Kindly note that this sizing guideline may not apply to you because each ear anatomy is unique, and we all have different ear sizes, cartilage thicknesses and piercing placements. We recommend visiting your local piercing studio to find the perfect size for your desired placements.


(Excluding charm and backing ball)


(Thickness of earring post)

  5mm = 3/16" 20 Gauge = 0.8mm
  6mm = 1/4" 18 Gauge = 1.0mm
  8mm = 5/16" 16 Gauge = 1.2mm
10mm = 3/8"
12mm = 1/2"