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Slim Sleeper Hoop Earring- 14K Gold
Adina N. (Houston, United States)

Great earrings. I got them for my husband in size 7,and it fits perfectly. I wanted them fit and not hanging hoops

Beaded Huggie Hoop- 14K Gold
Elizabeth S. (Waldport, United States)
The perfect earrings

I love both pairs of earrings I purchased. Very high quality and the clasps on the back are very secure.


Sits well in my conch piercing!

Small Thin Hoop Earring- 14K Gold
Maria C. (Mashpee, United States)


Small Thin Hoop Earring- 14K Gold
B J.P. (Berea, United States)
Just what I wanted!!!

Very fast shipping. Kept in the loop all along the way. The earrings themselves are dainty, sturdy and just perfect for full time wear. I wanted to have something I could keep in my ears as I don’t wear a lot of different earrings now days. It had to be solid gold and the size and look had to be just right. The 8mm size was perfect and the closure was manageable by my old fingers! All boxes checked with my order!!!! Thank you!!!

6mm Pave Huggie Hoop- 14K Gold
Kari a. (Carmel Valley, United States)
Great quality

Super cute and sparkly Huggies. Haven’t dulled or tarnished with wear. I recommend.

Heart Cartilage Piercing- Sterling Silver
Tracy P. (Boston, United States)
Nice quality jewelry

Beautiful jewelry with the best selection of cartilage earrings I’ve yet to find anywhere else. Shipping cost is a little high but still worth it would order again.

Tiny Triple Gem Huggie- 14K Gold
P.M. (New York, United States)
Perfect size looks great!

I thought it would be hard to put in but I didn't have an issue. Looks bright and doesn't hurt to sleep on.

Slim Bar Stud Ball-Back Piercing- 14K Gold
Anonymous (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Better in real life

Looks more shiny and crafted in real life. If there will be place in one of my ears in the future for another one, I would buy this one again.

Stack'em Up Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
Misty M. (Fort Mill, United States)

Ordered for a helix piercing. With the sizing offered, I chose the 6.5 mm. It was a bit long, but I used a different backing from my previous earring that is 6 mm and it fit perfectly! This piece is so beautiful- it adds enough sparkle and size to make it a noticeable part of my earring stack, without overpowering any of the other pieces. I love it!!

Thin Endless Hoop Earrings- 14K Gold
Sue B. (Great Falls, United States)
Endless Hoop Earrings

I was excited to find a replacment for a hoop I had lost. Excellent quality, packaging and service. Highly recommend!

Solitaire Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
Makayla C. (Panama City, United States)
Great sparkle

Love the new earrings!

Micro Dot Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
BERENICE P. (Merced, United States)
Minimalist yet cute

I use this as a nose piercing. Minimalist yet very cute and elegant. Bought the white gold. I will be buying the yellow gold. I used the smallest length for reference.

Beaded Huggie Hoop- 14K Gold
Deborah L. (Irvine, United States)

Love my mini hoops. And the delivery was quick. Wrapped beautifully. Will order again

Dainty but does what I wanted it to be for a helix piercing.


Mini Gem Dangle Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
Martina Č. (Hořovice, Czechia)

wonderful, beautiful, quality design

Small Thin Hoop Earring- 14K Gold
Rick G. (Chesterfield, United States)
Perfect little hoops!

Exactly what I was looking for! Tiny hoops that I never have to take out!

Quad Bead Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
Beatriz F. (Miami, United States)

Well made and just perfect. I love it!

Nail Huggie Hoop- 14K Gold
Lara (Weston, United States)

I love it!

So cutr

Very tiny, but so beautiful. New favorite earring.

Single Gem Stud Earring- 14K Gold
Alison S. (Atlanta, United States)
Worth The Wait

These earrings are perfect!! And they were only on sale too!

Fan Shell Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
Bianca (New York, United States)
Super cute

Though a little bigger than imagined, it is super nice.

Double Gem Dangle Stud Flat Back Earring- 14K Gold
Jennifer Y. (Pembroke Pines, United States)

Love it!

Solitaire Stud Labret Piercing- 14K Gold
dandsl (Palmdale, United States)
It's just absolutely perfect!!! Love it!!

It is not the 1st solitaire stud labret that I own. I had my last one for quite a while but unfortunately I lost it (got it caught with my rings). So, I immediately placed a different labret, which I also purchased from them, interim, got on the website and purchased the same solitaire stud as quickly as possible. I previously posted a review of the company per se but hadn't yet reviewed the items I purchased. To be honest, I immediately fell in love with them when they arrived. It is not just as described but in person the items look exactly as I had hoped. Real gold, well made and definitely sparkly. Definitely eye catching. Not to mention the super fast shipping. I was super surprised how fast it arrived. Within days via FedEx. Also, (posted picture) the items are carefully/elegantly wrapped and shipped. I couldn't be happier with my purchase and will keep coming back for more. I highly recommend them.
Solitaire stud labret 14k yellow gold/2mm/8mm (nose ring).

Small Thin Hoop Earring- 14K Gold
Clare S. (Pleasant Grove, United States)

these earrings are perfect, quaint, and dainty. They're a little hard to figure out how to open and close. Once you get it, they are easy to wear long term!